Active Developers is your one stop healthcare facility developers. We provide ease of mind for all of our clients
by providing full range of solutions to get your facility up and running.

We provide the right form of consultation for you or your business in anything related to clinic set up and medical device needs.


Active Developers specializes in clinic set up as we are able to build or renovate your clinic from ground up which makes us your ideal one stop clinic center.

Interior Design

With a team of perfectionist and modern trend followers, we are able to design your facility with the most modern and functionable interior set up for any healthcare facility.

Licensing & Approval

We provide Licensing & Approvals for your healthcare facility that is within the guidelines of Malaysia and Ministry Of Health (MOH).

Equipment Acquisition

Be it from furniture’s to medical devices, we are able to acquire the right equipment and miscellaneous necessity for any healthcare facility.

Clinic Software

With the heavy records needed to be managed by a healthcare facility the right clininc software can create a smoother method of operations for any healthcare facility.